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Projective Assessment

Projective assessment is a process that utilizes formal test instruments that present a person with novel and ambiguous stimuli.  (e.g., inkblots, pictures).  They require an individual to offer personal interpretations or descriptions of the stimuli in an attempt to understand his/her unique perception, thoughts, feelings, views of others, and views of self.  Projective techniques require specialized training, and are administered by only psychologists (unless living in Texas.)

Projective techniques can be useful in deepening a person’s understanding of the difficulties that resulted in an assessment referral.  These techniques can be invaluable in assessing individual differences, but many also have well-developed scoring and norms for comparison of a person’s traits or tendencies to those of other’s similar to them (see SPA white paper on home page.)  Our psychologists are trained and highly skilled in projective methods and are often called upon to offer such services, from within our Collaborative Assessment framework.

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