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Outpatient Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy affords persons the ability to explore themselves and confront distressing experiences in the safe privacy of a therapeutic relationship with a trained professional.  Psychotherapy is a special relationship that people often do not have in their personal lives in that everything discussed is kept private and confidential, has a focus on the person alone, and works to bring clarity to a person’s questions or problems.  In order for psychotherapy to be successful, one must feel comfortable with the professional with whom they are being treated.

Psychotherapy does not involve engaging in small talk as one would with an every day acquaintance.  An effective psychotherapy adheres to a theoretical position that helps to inform both the therapist and client about what information is discussed, is empathic and non-critical, and assists an individual in developing sufficient curiosity about oneself so that he/she can make the changes that can relieve distress and provide the potential for personal growth. Psychotherapy typically involves the exploration of various aspects of one’s unique understanding of self, one’s relationships with others, and the person’s ongoing approach to the world in the attempt to assist in fostering awareness.

Our psychologists offer outpatient psychotherapy services to individuals and couples.  Our group provides long-term psychotherapy with an emphasis on individuality, autonomy, a respect for personal history and depth, and with collaboratively developed treatment goals.  Our group is opposed to time-limited, “cookie-cutter,” manualized therapies in that they do not respect one’s personal process of development, depth, or uniqueness.  For more information about each Unity Care psychologist’s unique approach, please visit their individual webpages, which can be found on our “staff” page.  Please call 412-371-7330 to schedule an appointment or with questions.