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Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment involves the use of psychological test instruments to assess one’s thinking, memory, attention, and other important skills related to a person’s cognitive functioning.  This type of assessment typically measures the extent to which there might be a problem with specific brain functions, determines signs or symptoms of brain-based problems such as stroke or dementia, and can rule out cognitive functions related to either brain-based or psychological problems (e.g., attention deficits).

Neuropsychological assessment involves the use of paper and pencil tests, specific tasks using one’s thinking or hands, and also requires careful administration of specific instruments by a trained psychologist.  While these tests are formal and standardized, our psychologists do maintain our Collaborative Assessment framework while working with persons with possible cognitive impairments.  This approach assists in providing opportunities for insight into problems, understanding the unique contexts in which deficits might be most problematic, and in developing clear, practical recommendations.  We are often able to provide clarity in terms of differential diagnosis to referring doctors or family members utilizing this approach.

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