Unity Care P.C.

224 Penn Avenue, Suite 2A
Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Inpatient and Residential Services

Unity Care psychologists have provided inpatient and residential services since its inception in 1991, and these services continue today.  Our psychologists provide initial diagnostic interviews with case formulation and differential diagnosis, ongoing psychotherapy with patients identified as requiring such services, and brief personality and neuropsychological assessment.  Our services have been lauded as essential in identifying appropriate treatment modalities and in developing a clearer and more depthful understanding of patients as individuals.  Our group is sensitive to nuances in clinical presentations and personal history that can influence a person’s treatment success and commitment (e.g., forensic, drug and alcohol, psychological factors), but are often missed in initial assessments.  We have been instrumental in positive treatment outcomes and are crucial and valued members of multidisciplinary teams that include psychiatry, medical physicians, nurses, and direct care staff.  Our group has been highly thought of and sought out.

A major concern for most residential and inpatient psychiatric centers, for several reasons, is reducing costs and reducing financial burden.  Our group can be beneficial in this regard in that we will not require staff salary or benefit burden that can damage bottom lines.  Our group bills independently and do not affect hospital reimbursement in that we are “unbundled” from Medicare recipients in a manner similar to physicians.

Our group is currently imbedded in hospital and nursing home systems, but we are always looking to expand.  Please contact Dr. McElfresh at 412-371-7330 for more information about our consulting services and to initiate a relationship between our group and yours!