Unity Care P.C.

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Independent Medical Evaluation and Forensic Assessment

Our psychologists provide specialized assessments that require expert evaluation of disability, psychiatric diagnosis, loss of function, risk to self or community, and other forensic issues.

We frequently conduct Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and are familiar with the laws, policies, and reporting procedures in regards to psychiatric disability determination.  Our reports competently address specific disability and functionality questions while still maintaining and individualized approach with participants.  We most often perform IME assessments at the request of third party entities that secure evaluators for insurers.  However, we have also conducted assessments at the request of lawyers.  Our group is available for IME assessment with any entity with adequate policies and procedures and reimbursement schedules.

Unity Care psychologists possess diverse forensic backgrounds and offer assessment services for various forensic reasons.  Please inquire about our forensic and IME services by contacting Dr. McElfresh at 412-371-7330.