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Child/Adolescent Assessment

It is often challenging to understand and differentiate difficulties that are developmentally expected and behavior that indicates more significant problems in children and adolescents.  Depending on the type of problems that are identified and the age of the young person, they might be unable to verbalize their own experiences.  Psychological assessment often clarifies and effectively describes behavioral, mood, anxiety, familial, traumatic, and other problems common to children and adolescents.   Our approach remains consistent with Collaborative Individualized Assessment practices, but we utilize age-appropriate assessment strategies and formal test instruments to answer referral questions.  Parents, teachers, and other significant persons in the youth’s life are also included in our comprehensive assessment.

Learning problems are also common to children and teens.  Formal ability and achievement testing can also be useful in exploring the possibility of learning disability or difficulties, specific areas of strength and weakness in academic performance, and in formally testing for gifted programming.  Our psychologists are able to perform learning assessments including IQ and disability testing.

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