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Outpatient Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Our psychologists provide outpatient psychotherapy services to children and adolescents.  Similar to psychotherapy work with adults, treatment with youths also requires feelings of safety and trust, privacy and confidentiality, and a respect for uniqueness.  Psychotherapy with children and adolescents must also be balanced and sensitive to the overarching needs of the family.  As such, families are often involved in the treatment process, and individual psychotherapy work, particularly with children and preadolescents, might require family psychotherapy sessions.

At Unity Care, P.C., our psychologists provide child and adolescent psychotherapy services with an emphasis on developmental sensibilities and demands.  Treatment is catered to the unique age-related difficulties and milestones that are typical of children and teens, and interventions are developed to suit each young person’s developmental stage.  In this regard, treatment might take on the form of play (e.g., sandtray, drawings, toys), art or narrative development, or traditional talk psychotherapy models.  Therapy will take shape based on maturity, interests, and capabilities.  Our psychologists, in the attempt to develop individualized treatment approaches, also adopt dynamic and family systems’ oriented approaches to working with the larger family structure.  Our interventions and recommendations aim to be practical, and hence, translatable to the home.

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